The Alternative Guide to Gemstones: Emerald

Luna Bucelli
Emeralds are a vibrant alternative jewel for lovers, offering deep meaning and symbolism that transcend cultures. Rarer than diamonds, they have long been coveted by royalty, and even thought to have mystical properties. 
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Curating the Ultimate Ear Stack

The How-to Guide to Curating the Ultimate Ear Stack

In recent years, The Internet™ has been flooded with how-did-they-think-of-that styling ideas, unconventional piercing placements, and really, really cool earrings, and it's got us eager to get back on the piercing chair, stat.

The Curated Ear 101

The art of balancing, matching, and curating the perfect ear stack with five or more piercings per ear can prove challenging for even the most fashion-savvy. In this series, we'll explore how to balance, match, and create a perfect stack. 

Ear Piercing Guide: types, styling, & latest trends

Ear Piercings: every type you can get, how much they hurt, and how to style them. Plus tips and tricks to perfecting your stack and piercing aftercare tips to follow to keep your new jewel in tip-top shape.

Ear Piercings: everything you should know before your appointment

Find out why you should steer clear of piercing guns. Explore how to map out your ear, spacing, angle, and learn some helpful aftercare tips.